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Prof. Dr. Dalia Marin

ehem. Professur für Int. Wirtschaftsbeziehungen


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Montag 16:00 bis 17:00 Uhr

Trade in Tasks and the Organization of Firms, mit J. Schymik und A. Tarasov, new revised version, February 2016 (PDF, ca. 758 KB), SFBTR Discussion Paper No. 482 , VoxEU Artikel
Do Multinationals Transplant their Business Model?, July 2016 (with L. Rousova and Th. Verdier) (PDF, appr. 800 KB), VoxEU Artikel
The Theory of the Firm goes Global, in: Philippe Aghion, Mathias Dewatripont, Patrick Legros, and Luigi Zingales (eds.): The Impact of Incomplete Contracts on Economics, Oxford University Press, 2016 (PDF, ca. 224 KB)
Corporate Hierarchies and International Trade: Theory and Evidence, Journal of International Economics, 94 (2), 295-310, 2014 (mit Th. Verdier)
Globalization and the Empowerment of Talent, Journal of International Economics, 86 (2), 209-223, 2012 (mit Th. Verdier) (PDF, ca. 500 KB)
What explains the rise in CEO pay in Germany? A Panel Data Analysis for 1977-2009, SFB/TR 15 Discussion Paper No. 374, March 2012 (mit F. Fabbri) (PDF, ca. 852 KB)
The Organization of European Multinationals, SFB/TR 15 Discussion Paper No. 367, September 2011 (mit L. Rousová) (PDF, ca. 400KB)
When is FDI a Capital Flow?, European Economic Review, 55 (6), 845-861, 2011 (mit M. Schnitzer) (PDF, ca. 304 KB)
The Opening Up of Eastern Europe at 20: Jobs, Skills, and ‘Reverse Maquiladoras’ in: M. Jovanovic (Ed.), International Handbook on the Economics of Integration, Vol. 2 , Edward Elgar, 2011 (PDF, ca. 165 KB)
Are Multinational Banks Different?, Economic Policy 2010, forthcoming (Word, ca. 90 KB)
The Battle for Talent: Globalization and the Rise of Executive Pay, Bruegel Working Paper No 2009/01, 2009 (PDF, ca. 210 KB)
Competing in Organizations: Firm Heterogeneity and International Trade, in: E. Helpman, D. Marin, Th. Verdier (Eds.): The Organization of Firms in a Global Economy, 142-172, Harvard University Press, 2008 (mit Th. Verdier)
Power in the Multinational Corporation in Industry Equilibrium, Economic Theory, 38(3), 437-464, 2008 (mit Th. Verdier).
Power Inside the Firm and the Market: A General Equilibrium Approach, Journal of the European Economic Association, 6(4), 752-788, 2008 (mit Th. Verdier)
A New International Division of Labor in Europe: Outsourcing and Offshoring to Eastern Europe, Journal of the European Economic Association, Papers and Proceedings, 2006.Reprint in: J. Winiecki (ed.): Competitiveness in New Europe, 122-136, Routledge, London and New York, 2008.nach oben


orga_teaser The Organization of Firms in a Global Economy, Harvard University Press, 2008; (Eds. mit Elhanan Helpman und Thierry Verdier) (PDF, ca. 7 MB)


contractsContracts in Trade and Transition: The Resurgence of Barter, MIT Press, Cambridge 2002; (mit Monika Schnitzer) (PDF, ca. 204 KB)



sum_teaserMaking Sense of Globalization: A Guide to the Economic Issues, Report, European Commission Group of Policy Advisors, CEPR Policy Paper No 8, London 2002; (mit F. Bourguignon, D. Coyle, R. Fernández, F. Giavazzi, K. O'Rourke, R. Portes, P. Seabright, A. Venables, T. Verdier, L.A. Winters) (PDF, ca. 94 KB)

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Kurze Biographie (Englisch)

Dalia Marin holds the Chair in International Economics at the University of Munich. She obtained her Habilitation in Economics from Vienna University of Economics in 1992; until 1994 she was Assistant Professor at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Vienna and Associate Professor at Humboldt University Berlin (1994-1998). She has been visiting professor at Harvard University, Stanford University, the Stern School of Business, New York University, International Monetary Fund, National Bureau of Economic Research, Mass., European University Institute, and at the Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin.

She is Senior Research Fellow at Bruegel, Brussels, a European think tank on Economic Policy in Europe, Fellow at the European Economic Association, Research Fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR), London, Member of the International Trade and Organization Working Group of the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER), Cambridge, Member of the Panel of Economic Policy and of the Council of the European Economic Association. She has been Team Leader at the Russian European Center for Economic Policy in Moscow (1998-2000) and has acted as a consultant for international organizations such as the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), London, and the International Monetary Fund.

Her research interests are in the area of international economics, corporate finance and the organization of the firm, and in emerging market economies. Her work, both theoretical and empirical, has been published in several top journals. Her latest book (jointly edited with Elhanan Helpman and Thierry Verdier) "The Organization of Firms in a Global Economy" is a collection of essays on the new “new trade theory” and is published at Harvard University Press in 2008.nach oben

Forschungsschwerpunkte (Englisch)

International Trade, Globalization, European Integration, Cororate Governance and the Theory of the firm, Economics of Transition and Emerging Markets.

Lebenslauf in Englisch (PDF)